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SIBON – Pediatric Modular Powered stand up wheelchair

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Our aim

Returning the smiles of people with neuromuscular disorders by helping them feel happier and complete.

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What is Jedi?
Jedi is modular two-positioned electrical powered assistive device for people, kids in general with neuro-muscular disorders.
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What is Jedi?
The innovative solutions integrated in our product are in two directions: 
  • kinematic chains keep the relative center of gravity of the device in all possible postures, thus enabling safe movement in both upright and seated positions
  • the way the components are composed in modules solves problems related to space saving and transfer of the device.

Main Advantages

The end high-tech product incorporates innovative solutions to specialized mechanics and operating parameters and 
does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Ability to move in a sitting and upright position, thus child


We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences.


Lower cost compared to conventional models and reduced logistics costs.


Modular principle with possibility of transfer and storage in disassembled state.

Better child's health and emotional well-being with JEDI

Our research has proven the need and demand for such a product.

Confirm that Jedi will improve child

Jedi is a modern and adequate response to user`s needs for greater flexibility, mobility and socialization

Research Results 

Our preliminary research has shown that the need for such a product is sought on the Bulgarian market.

Interviewed parents shared the most important factors for them:
  • Safety of the product during usage
  • Easy way to work
  • Financial accessibility
Have more than 2 mobility aids
Use hand verticalizer
Have wheelchair with change of position
Use additional help for transferring and storing the products
Support the separation of basic modules

Social Integration

A sense of equality is a turning point in the growth of every child. 
The product we offer directly addresses social integration in people with neuromuscular disabilities.
Sense of Equality & Social Communication

Improving the sense of equality and improving social communication through the ability to carry out daily activities on a stand-alone basis and opportunity to talk with eyes with interlocutors.

Health Status

Moving in different situations improves the performance of different organs and improve blood circulation. Reduces the need for constant child care, massage and gymnastics, etc. similar activities to maintain his / her health.

Support Staff

Reducing the need for permanent support staff, which strengthens the sense of helplessness of the child.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about Jedi. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.